Traditional massages and treatments

Authorised by all statutory health insurance schemes for direct settlement of remedies.


Traditional back massage20 min.€ 23.00
Back massage30 min.€ 34.00
Special shoulder and neck massage 30 min.€ 39.00
Full-body massage I40 min.€ 45.00
Full-body massage II60 min.€ 65.00
Acupuncture massage40 min.€ 45.00
Acupuncture massage60 min.€ 65.00
Breuss massage30 min.€ 35.00
Dorn spinal therapy30 min.€ 39.00
Partial lymph drainage30 min.€ 34.00
Head/face lymph drainage30 min.€ 34.00
Lymph drainage (extensive)40 min.€ 45.00
Lymph drainage (full)60 min.€ 65.00
Paraffin-fango wrap20 min.€ 20.00
Hot air€ 10.00
Electrotherapy€ 10.00
Dual-cell galvanic bath€ 11.00
Four-cell galvanic bath                                                                       € 18.00

Opening times

Monday to Friday: from 8.00 a.m.
Saturday and Sunday: by agreement 



We strongly recommend that you book an appointment in advance in order to secure your preferred time!

You can arrange appointments with the Pro Lebenskraft practice on +49 (0)8532 923 673 or by sending an email to: